Why Your Kid May Need Speech Therapy Services

No one wishes their child to need speech therapy, but in some situations, that just happens to be the case. If it happens to be the case with your child, then finding a good therapy program is a key to turning the situation around. Online speech therapy is a relatively new way that therapy sessions are carried out, or the therapist can visit in person for a more personal feel.

Once a program has been initiated, you can expect to start seeing results as your child and the therapist work through the issues together. Depending on the therapists and the program, you may even be given tasks to complete at home to help the child along. The therapy can be a long and involved process depending on the nature of the problem, but both child and parent will find it well worth the effort when progress is achieved.

There are reasons why a child may require speech therapy, and those reasons can differ quite a lot in scope. Sometimes, it’s a problem with hearing that creates the need for speech therapy. When a child has a hearing impairment, making and imitating sounds can be difficult, and help is often necessary. Developmental delays in cognitive function may be another reason that speech therapy is needed for a child. If a child has weak muscles in and around the mouth, drools excessively, or has respiratory problems, speech problems may result that require speech therapy. Issues with swallowing and eating are also a reason for speech therapy in kids.

Of course, not all of these issues result in the need for speech therapy or even produce any speech problems. But they are reasons that therapy is sometimes prescribed. More severe issues like autism or traumatic brain injury may require more extensive treatment that could be ongoing for quite a long time.

There are some signs that a parent or teacher can watch for that may indicate a child needs treatment. Stuttering is one of the more recognisable issues which may consist of stoppages and repetition when try to say words or holding sounds for longer than is necessary. A child who has trouble forming words to the point that no one can understand what they’re saying may need therapy, as might problems with the pitch that distracts others from what is being said.

Communication is the foundation of learning, relationships and much of everyday living, so if therapy can help your child get by, it’s well worth the effort. The earlier that treatment is started, the higher the likelihood of success. So if you notice a problem, start asking questions soon. Bring the matter up with a doctor or teacher and get the ball rolling as soon as you can. You may find out that there isn’t even a need for therapy, but if there is, at least you’ll be giving your child the best odds at success.

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