What a Cosmetic Dentist Can do For You besides Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental treatments seem to be significantly in demand today. Thus, it’s easy to see why a lot of dentists prefer to specialise in the said field. There are also some general dentists who take advantage of adding the word ‘cosmetic’ in their professional title. They also master the same procedures that a cosmetic dentist does. Some do a pretty excellent job, but others do not. That is why it’s best to go for a real cosmetic dentist who truly gained a degree of specialisation in this field.

Cosmetic dentists have a wider job description which goes far more than just teeth whitening. If you are not knowledgeable about other procedures that they offer, here are some of those:

Tooth implants – a cosmetic dentist will sometimes deal with tooth replacement. While most patients will be suggested to have partial dentures or restoration of the tooth with a root canal treatment, a dental implant is a much better alternative. Unfortunately, this procedure is quite expensive and will demand a healthy bone and gum for a person to undergo it. This procedure is done by drilling the implant into the jawbone then after, a tooth that closely looks like a real one will be placed. Through this method, you can prevent any horrible tooth loss side effects like bone disintegration.

Gum management – this may not usually be talked about by most people in your place but, there are lots of individuals who can greatly benefit from this. Gum reshaping and contour correction are the types of procedure. Like that of a hairline, people have different gum lines too. Typically, the gum line has almost a negligible effect on how a person smiles. But some other people have too low gum line that creates an unsightly effect. Those with such condition think that they can’t change it and just have to live with it forever. However, this can be improved with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist who can give you a smile that will capture everyone’s attention.

Veneers – Ugly teeth can be brought about by discolouration or cracks. And so with this, a cosmetic dentist utilises veneers for it. These are applied to the tooth that will then create an artificial front. There are various materials in which veneers are made. Thus, it’s important to discuss this matter with your dentist and identify what is suitable for you.

Above are just some of the most popular procedures that a cosmetic dentist deals with. So if you want to treat your ugly-looking front teeth or improve your smile, do not hesitate to ask help and solution from a trusted cosmetic dentist.

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