What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are devices used to treat a variety of biomechanical foot problems. A person’s foot that is not functioning as designed will result in an uneven distribution of the weight of the body. As a result, tenderness and pain can develop in the ankle, foot, and other surrounding muscles. Orthotics Adelaide work to relieve pain by supporting and realigning the bones and ligaments of the foot properly, to ensure that the foot can function normally.


Orthotics can be made from some materials and will vary regarding price, effectiveness, and ease of availability. Some simple orthotics, such as insoles and gel heel cups sold over the counter, are affordable and widely available both online and at your local store. These over-the-counter orthotics can relieve mild foot pain by taking excess pressure off the sensitive areas of the foot. They are relatively ineffective, though, at treating severe foot disorders and so not always the best option.


The best option is to buy the custom-made orthotics as they are made to meet the needs of a particular individual and hence offering the right support. Such orthotics require a doctor’s prescription since an impression if the foot needs to be made to identify those areas of the foot that are out of alignment. The impression is then sent to an orthotic laboratory so that a custom device can be produced to correct the foot misalignments. The custom orthotic is then fitted to the individual’s shoe to help the foot align properly. However, note that these are very expensive and you will have to wait for several weeks before you can get your orthotic. But it is a worthy investment as all your problem will be a thing of the past once you receive your tailor-made orthotics.



Since perfectly aligned feet are unpopular, nearly everyone can benefit from orthotic devices. Orthotics causes no harm to the foot and therefore suitable for people in all age brackets. They both protect and alleviate any foot disorder that causes pain, fatigue, or discomfort in individuals who are otherwise happy and healthy. The level of misalignment in your feet will determine the exact type of orthotic to use. Therefore, you should avoid buying over the counter orthotics Adelaide and instead look for a reputable podiatry clinic where you can have your foot impression taken and then a have a tailor-made orthotics device. There are many podiatry clinics in SA, and all you need is proper research to find a reputable clinic that has well trained and qualified podiatrists. Friends referrals and online reviews will help you with your research.