The Importance of Palm Tree Pruning

There are different types of palm trees in the world, with each thriving in various locations. People plant palm trees for various reasons – be it for landscaping, or for commercial purposes.  Palm trees also serve an essential role in the environment, most specifically to prevent soil erosion. So for these reasons, it is of absolute importance that we prune and take care of our palms.


The Abundance of Palm Trees in Perth


Palm trees are prominent here in Perth, Australia. The soil and the weather are just perfect. That is why Australia offers several palm tree cleaning Perth services to help the locals maintain the health of their palm trees. These companies assist in the pruning, maintenance, and even removal of a dead tree. So if you have any particular needs for your palm, make sure you call your local tree maintenance services to help you out.


Why Prune Your Palm Tree?


There are several reasons why you need to hire an expert who trims palm trees. One is for safety reasons. A palm tree can provide you with all of its benefits, but when it has been left unattended for quite a long time now, it will pose a potential threat as it quickly catches fire, especially during the hot summer. A palm tree is prickly, whether it has withered or still green-fresh. That means pruning and removing them will serve as a safety measure. In this case, pruning will involve the removal of fronds that are dry, broken, and out of place.


Your palm fronds that have dried out can potentially cause danger to other people or even your property. If your palm tree is close to an electrical cable, pruning will become a necessity to prevent potential damage during hot, sunny days where the fronds might catch fire. Also, fronds also have sharp edges that are dangerous if the wind blows the nearby cables into them, or if they fall and land on a family member or your pet dog.



Pruning Isn’t Just About the Fronds


Aside from frond removal, pruning also involves removing the germinating seeds found in your palm trees that can potentially cause a dangerous weed problem. Pruning also includes the removal of palm fruits and flower before the seeds fall to the ground. These marble-like seeds can cause people to slip and hurt themselves.


Always Prune Your Palm Trees


So whether you’re calling your local palm tree cleaning Perth maintenance services, or doing it all by yourself, it’s important to know that regularly pruning your palm tree goes a long way towards guaranteeing safety and beauty to your palm. It’s a necessary job to do if you want your palm tree to last longer and shed all of its beneficial features to your home or commercial property.