What You Need When Making Hay – Baling Twine and Net Wrap

Haymaking is very common today since it is an excellent way of preserving livestock feeds. Protecting the feeds is only the way to survive in the livestock farming business. The weather changes have made it difficult for farmers to predict climate accurately, and so preserving feeds when they are in plenty is the solution to the unseen. When we talk about feeds preservation, haymaking emerges as the most popular and most affordable method of preserving feeds.

If you are considering making hay for your livestock, you should know that there are a few products that you need to buy. Gone are the days when haymaking required a storage location which made the whole process expensive and this discouraged many farmers. With the modern technology of baling, today you can preserve hay without worrying about the storage location. This where the balers twine and net wrap comes in. These are the baling products that will make it possible to make hay and leave it in the open without getting spoilt. But how exactly does this work?

Once you have harvested your fodder ready to make hay, you will need to buy the baling twine. Baling twine is used to tie the round or square hay bale in place. After holding the bale content in place which minimises waste, the next thing is to wrap the bales using the net wrap. Both balers twine and net wrap has unique features that ensure that hay remains fresh in the farm.

First, both products are UV stable. It will make sure that the baled content withstands the harsh Australiana weather. The net wrap has water shedding features which ensure that there is no rotting when it rains. The balers twine has another critical function – colour. You will find most baling twine in blue which is excellent for distinguishing between the baled content and the twine. Removing the twine before feeding is crucial as it can cause digestion problems when ingested.

When buying these baling products, you should be careful to ensure that you only buy them from a reliable dealer. A reputable dealer is one that stocks quality products, offers a 12 months warranty and can deliver to your location at an affordable price. If you are not sure where to buy, then consider Balers Twine – www.netwrap.com.au. Here you will get quality baling twine that will withstand the harsh Australian weather. You are also guaranteed the best prices and flexible delivery services. They are the experts to contact when you need any baling products including net wrap, balers twine, silage wrap, silage film etc.